Crash Landing in London - November 26, 1944

The Glantzberg book refers to the mysterious crash landing in London. The crew was grounded there for a fortnight.

My grandfather takes every opportunity in his letters to get fresh with my grandmother "my darling fluffy hair". The forties weren't so prudish, after all. I inherited the fluffy hair. Notice how he got to censor all his own letters!

"Duke" was my great uncle, Philip's brother Howard Hawes. He was in the diplomatic corps much longer than my grandfather. He never had any children, and he cut us out of the will after my brother messed up his pool. I never quite understood that one, but they weren't used to kids, plus he probably thought we were a pack of barbarians, which may have been partly true. Too bad. I should see if we were really cut out of the will, or if there's any record in the state of Florida of unclaimed inheritance...:)

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